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Created In Cleveland

Thanks for downloading outRise and checking out our Cleveland launch.
I was born in NE Ohio, went to school here, and started the software company, Realeflow in Cleveland over a decade ago. My family and I also own and operate Mapleside Farms, and each week at the farm, I'm blessed with the opportunity to meet so many cool people.
Clevelanders are resourceful, we are adventurous, and we love making memories with people close to us. It's been incredible to see what's been created on outRise in just a couple weeks of going live. Using outRise, you can now share your all your adventures with family, friends, and the world.

What Is An Experience?

It's one or more stops joined together to create a day, evening, and even multi-day outing.
For example:
  • The perfect night out - featuring stops for dinner, drinks, a show and more - making it the perfect night out with friends.
  • A Saturday day-hike - featuring stops for breakfast, a hike, nearby kayaking, lunch and more - ideal for a Saturday adventure.
  • A cross-country road trip - featuring unique stops along the way, from diners to parks and more - turning your trip into one you'll never forget.

Why Are We So Passionate About Experiences?

At outRise, we believe in the power of experience. Experiences help us grow; they connect us with others and help us see the world in new ways.

Born In Cleveland, Made For The World

I am thrilled to launch my new start-up, outRise, in my hometown of Cleveland. This month we're focusing 100% of our effort toward building as many experiences as possible in the greater Cleveland area.
Clevelanders love this city, and it's time the rest of the world found out how great Cleveland is.
We invite you to create experiences that inspire locals and visitors alike to get out and explore. Creating unique experiences is easy. Connect one or more "stops"—coffee shops, restaurants, museums, or scenic points—to plan a day-trip with family, a perfect date night, or a surf/sun/ski/hike adventure with friends.
Experience Ideas To Get You Started 
To get inspired to create your own experiences, check out these amazing experiences in Cleveland you can do right now on outRise.
  • Cleveland's West 25th Craft Beer Tour
  • Historic Cleveland - A City Hike
  • A Cleveland Night Photo Walk
  • Cleveland Christmas Story Filming Locations
  • The Cleveland Pizza Tour
  • Christmas Light tours


Above all else, we value your safety. So when you're going out and exploring, please respect COVID regulations. Don't be the ones to go into crowded bars, packed restaurants, or at-capacity shows.

Be the ones to set an example - explore safely, respect others' safety, and observe COVID precautions where you can.

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