February 2021 Launch Update

And we’re off!

We just launched on both Apple and Google and our first full month (December 2020) seems like a blur. It’s crazy how that happens...

It seems like forever ago we set out with a pretty simple mission - “To help people experience the world”, and that has taken us on a journey that we really couldn’t imagine.

I remember meeting Matthew in a hotel in Philadelphia after Shaun Modi (our designer and one of Airbnb’s first team members) introduced us. Shaun basically said “you guys have to meet”, and the last 18 months has been full of moments where time has both stood still and flown by: almost in the same moment.

We’ve learned so much about human motivation and what types of experiences and adventures people value and seek out. It has reinforced our belief that the absolute best parts of life are when we’re experiencing the world with people we love.

Experiences and adventures have to be fun, unique, and different. The people we enjoy life with have to be involved. Human connections are both simple and mysterious.


These past few weeks, in particular, have been amazing on so many levels.

We’ve seen tons of inspiring experiences created in our hometown of Cleveland, and we recently hit over 10,000 downloads in our native northeast Ohio!

I wanted to step back for a second and give you an update of where we’re at, and where we’re going in these next few months. 

As of today, the outRise app is available in every city across the US and Canada - and we’ve seen people use outRise to create cool, exciting and unique adventures in different parts of the country.

But we made a decision to really focus in certain cities during the first part of 2021.  

  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Cincinnati
  • Minneapolis
  • Austin
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Diego

So when you open the app outside of our launch cities you may not see a ton of content yet, but it’s coming. We’ve created something that makes it easy to create and share things that you really couldn’t before. We’re making it easy to package up experiences that you’ve already done or want to do and then share them with the community.

We’re also adding group functionality, and live experience creation to the mix over the next couple months. If you only want to share your life’s experiences with your friends and followers, you’ll have that option too!

So far, we’ve officially launched in five cities - Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Raleigh and Pittsburgh. Real quick - I wanted to highlight some of the amazing experiences our content team and local influencers have created in these cities, including;



Cleveland’s Best Photo Ops

Leisure Day Of Winter Hikes In NE Ohio

Bookworm Trek



Chasing Frozen Waterfalls & Axe Throwing

Cbus Guy Fieri Experience

Cbus Ski Experience



Cincinnati Walking Gallery Tour

Cincy's Great Chili Tour

Weekend Camping Red River Gorge



Weekend Stargazing & Camping Trip

Trail Of The Oaks

Raleigh Donut Tour



Pittsburgh To NYC By Train

City Escape: Day Hike In Pittsburgh

Street Art Walk Pittsburgh


We’ve got big plans for content in San Diego and Austin over the next few weeks.

We’re excited to “finish the app” so to speak in early 2021 so stay tuned - lots of cool, inspiring and epic things are on the way!



P.S. We’re building out what we call our “Creative Team” so if you are or know of any creatives, influencers, or bloggers that want to be featured on the app and use outRise to help extend their brand and following drop us a line at hello@outrise.com

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