Holiday Light Tours


2020 was about turning lemons into lemonade. 

And this holiday season, it’s about turning eggs into eggnog.

We know things look different this year, and we wanted to help everyone make it the absolute best holiday it can be.

So we created Holiday Light Tours - a COVID-friendly way to spend Christmas with the people closest to you.

Holiday Lights Tours are free, self-guided tours of the best holiday lights in cities throughout the country. Holiday Lights Tours live on outRise, which means they include notes, maps, photos and turn-by-turn directions and more - everything you need to spend more time enjoying holiday lights and less looking for them. 

If you open up outRise and find a Holiday Lights Tour near you - nice! Grab a hot chocolate, crank the holiday tunes and go explore. And if you notice it’s missing a great holiday lights display - let the Creator know in the comments section so they can add it!

if you open the app and don’t see a Holiday Light Tour near you, this is your chance to create one - and to make this Christmas a little better for everyone.

How To Create A Holiday Light Tour

Step 1: Tap "Create"

Every experience begins with a Creator

Step 2: Add Your Stops

This is where you let your local expertise shine. Think about it this way - if your friend was visiting from out of town this holiday season, where would you send them to see the best holiday lights?

It’s your experience, so feel free to add stops like coffee and dessert in there as well - maybe even a great nearby city viewpoint! But remember, we do want to observe COVID precautions when possible, so please avoid adding crowded indoor spaces to your Holiday Light Tours.

Step 3: Add Descriptions & Photos

Stop descriptions help you personalize things. If it’s a house that does a synchronized light show to the radio - let users know what radio station! If it’s a public light display that starts at a certain time, use the description to let people know what time to go! 

To add photos and a description to your stop, tap "edit" on the stop card (see below).

And if you took photos on your lights tour and want to share them, use the “photos” sections in each stop to post them (see below).


Step 4: Add A Title, Featured Photo & Description

Now for a title. Give it a fun name - names like “Chicago’s Best Holiday Lights” and, “A Cincinnati Christmas Light Adventure” are perfect.

For the featured photo, remember to only use photos that you have the rights to. So you can’t just hop on Google and search for “San Diego Christmas Lights” - those images are copyright protected. You’ll need to use a photo you or a friend took.

Step 5: Share!

This year, it’s all about helping people have a great holiday, and sharing your Holiday Light Tour on outRise is exactly how you can do that. Just tap “Share” and you can share your holiday lights tour with friends and family via text, email or social media - regardless of whether those friends and family have outRise!


Pro Tip #1 - Editing Your Holiday Lights Tour

Remember, if you need to go back to edit your experience at any time, from the home screen go to Saved > Created > Tap Your Experience > More Options > Edit (“More Options” pictured below). From here you can add new stops, along with edit or delete existing stops.

Pro Tip #2 - Exploring Holiday Light Tours In Other Cities

To explore Holiday Light Tours around the US, just change your location (see photo below) to any city you want to explore. Then search for, “holiday light tour” - you may just find one to explore there!

Pro Tip #3 - Reordering Your Holiday Lights Tour

If you want to reorder your experience, just follow these steps;

  1. Scroll down to the stop you want to reorder
  2. Tap and hold the tile
  3. Drag the tile up or down

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