What's New With outRise? 

An Inside Look At What's New With outRise's Co-Founder & CTO


These past few months have been crazy - the development team and I have been working day and night to make sure outRise went live before the end of the year. outRise has been in the BETA stage for months now, but a couple weeks ago we were approved by both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store and the app was officially released to the public.

Between our BETA users and the general public, we got a ton of feedback on how we could make the app better. Our vision for outRise is a social platform built around experience, and the newest changes to the app reflect this vision.

Major Usability Updates To outRise Include;

1. Sharing Experiences

This one is huge, and it's what I consider to be about one-third of the entire app. outRise users now have the ability to share their experiences via a static web page. Here is the shared version of "West Hollywood For Her, With Something For You". Heads up - if you're viewing this on mobile, you'll see the mobile version.



I'm so passionate about this "share" option because this helps everyone, regardless of whether or not they've downloaded the app, to enjoy an experience.

2. Follow Users

The idea here is similar to social media - you can follow creators to see the experiences they're creating. The photos below help to tell this story.


Clicking "Follow" on another user's profile will put them in your "following" tab and will allow you to easily find their profile to see what they're creating.



To see users you follow, go to your profile and tap "Following" - here you'll see a list of all the outRise users you follow.

3. You Choose Your Maps

In the BETA version of outRise, we provided users with turn-by-turn directions right on outRise, without ever leaving the app. However, user feedback told us that people actually prefer to use their own map application (either Apple Maps or Google Maps), as that's what they're most comfortable with. So, the current version of outRise takes users to their preferred mapping app for turn-by-turn directions.

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