What Will You Do When The World Opens Back Up?


This year has forced us all to turn inward - to reflect on our relationships, our lives and our passions. It hasn’t been easy. But when I think about my own life, the biggest moments of growth came from uncomfortable and difficult situations. 

But we have to remember, this is not a "forever" thing. While 2020 was a year to reflect, I truly think 2021 will be the year where we all have the opportunity to grow in ways we'd never imagined. We'll be able to push our comfort zones and use what we've learned to explore the world around us.

outRise is one of the major tools that will help people achieve that growth. How? Because outRise is a bridge.

Let me explain.

Dreaming up things you want to do in this life is something we’re all good at. We want to see the Grand Canyon and the Aurora Borealis. And we want to explore our backyards, too. We just want to get out and LIVE. 

But everything always seems easier in our heads, right? When it comes time to actually going to the Grand Canyon...there’s way more to do! Where do you eat, where do you stay, what do you do for your week-long trip? In our heads, standing there staring at the Grand Canyon for a week sounds awesome. But after 4 hours of staring...you're going to want a sandwich, you know? 

So to make this Grand Canyon trip happen, what we need is an action plan. You need places to stay, places to eat, and things to do.

outRise is the action plan. 

By taking the pain out of planning, outRise is the tool I really believe people will use to go from, “someday I will” to, “I did”.

What You Can Do In 2021

So, what will you do when the world opens back up in 2021? What will you check off your bucket list, and which once-in-a-lifetime experiences will you live?

We have some great ideas to get you started.

Chasing The Aurora Borealis

Are the Northern Lights on your bucket list? You can follow this full-day experience in Fairbanks, Alaska to explore food, fun and a chance to catch the elusive Aurora Borealis.

Venetian Pizza Tour

Is Venice on your 2021 destination list? If not, maybe this will change your mind. Italy is home to some of the world’s best pizza, and this experience lets you eat your way through the city’s very best pizza while exploring the iconic canals and architecture of this legendary city.

Perito Moreno, El Chalten & 'The W' In Torres Del Paine

A full two-week adventure of the southern-most reaches of Patagonia, check out this epic trip full of hiking, camping, eating and scenery.


We're Here To Help You Explore

We’re devoted to being a tool that helps you explore the world with the people you love. And in January, we’ll have some very exciting announcements on some new ways we’ll be doing just that.

So stay tuned! And until then,

Live free.

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